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Dwellers of the Cursed Forest

by Draugwath

Eternity ago The world was pure and lifeless The Nature was dead and beautiful No Life desecrated the Earth The Rain was falling from the dark clouds The Fire exploded from below The Stones shacked in cataclysms The Air was black and venomous No order was enslaving the Earth Lords of Chaos laughed from the Mist The Elements collapsed and mixed Creating smoke and steam, mud and dust But then the Life appeared The filth corrupted the world And the cry of a new-born child Was an epitaph for the dying Purity It must be destroyed... We know The Elements shall unite once again And this implosion Shall disintegrate the living things Only Evil beings shall survive Armageddon And their Life shall be replaced with Undeadly Immortality We are the ones who hail that hour When the world will be cleansed of Life We shall see its fading In the raging Apocalyptic Fire We'll become Undead Lords of the earth And let any of humans shall continue to live They will fulfill Our flaming Hunger With their blood, pain and fear ...The Earth becomes the Stone... ...The Water turns into the Ice... ...The Air condenses into the Fog... ...The Fire is eternally cold... The Elements unite the second time In the Moonlit Night of Apocalyptic holocaust
Buried by Ages They eternally wander about Their Forest Cursed forever To haunt on the Winds In Abyss of Time Without the place to rest... Ravens and Wolves Are Their minions Shadows In Their souls They bear inside A Wolf-Headed God Unseen Warriors Of the Night They bark at the Moon with the Wolves They travel through the Sky Under the Stars Guided by Flitter Mice They Hate the Life They Scorn the Light Mortals suffer from Their Wrath Endless Damnation Has fallen upon these Dwellers of Night They are doomed To Undead Existence Fury of the Storms Pain of Loneliness Burn inside Their souls Crawl through Their minds Evil in Their hearts Darkness in Their eyes Full Moon shows Their Path Among the frozen trees From the fouled ground They howl to the Sky in Hunger Which devours Their Minds and souls They are the Spectral Wolves Of the Kingdom of Frozen Wastes And the Snow turns red When They hunt the sheepmen They denied the laws of Light They are the Doom of mortal ones Eternity is Their Temple They were born by the First Chaos They are Dwellers of the Cursed Forest We are Them... Buried by Ages, We forever shall wander about Our Forest We are Cursed To haunt on the Storms In the Chasm of Time We have no place to rest Ravens and Wolves, They are Our servants Shadows Dance through Our Souls We bear inside Wolf-Headed God...
In Silence I stand on the frozen ground Holding the Blacksword of Ice Raising the Wand through the Rage of Wind My soul travels the worlds Beyond Reality I hear the Song of Funeral Storms I enter the Gates of Shadowlands Into the Realm of Winterfog Back to Darkside Where my soul was born Thus my Journey begins I fly on the Winds of Time The Red Flame shines in my eyes And melds with the Light of the Stars With the pale Fire of Pentagram With the Darkness of Night With the Blaze in the Northern Sky With the Coldness of Iced Woods With the Ghostly Candles of the Dead With the Beams of Northern Moon I hail the Northern Pride The Pride of Ancient Ones The Pride of those who were The Wolves, the Children of Night I summon my Brothers in the Northern Land We are the Lords of Stone and Wind We'll reclaim our Thrones of Ice We shall ride with the Pagan Hordes Into the glorious Battles Into the Rage of the War My Journey ended At the Throne of Shadowlands The Shadows heard my Cry And met me at the Gates With the darkest Flame inside I ride back to Kill and Rule With the Power of my Darkest Pride With the Might of my Ancient Evil I became Undead this Night Baptized in the sea of christian blood "I cry with funeral choir The Hymn of Enormous Frost In the Ancient Northern Land In my elder Nordic Heart"
Shadowlands 04:35
One of the thousands of spectral worlds Lightless Abyss, Empire of Shadows Where the Spirits eternally dance Shadowlands The place where my ancient Castle was founded Proud and dark, macabre and silent Domain of Eternal Night and Winter No kind thing Could live here The sky of Shadowlands is eternally black The Stars and the Moon... but there is no Sun Warmth and Life have never visited This Realm of Chaos, Darkness and Evil Spirits of Time don't enter into The Gates of my Unholy Empire The Time here is frozen, all the things Are Lifeless, Undead, Immortal Behold the rising of silver Moon From the raging clouds, from the poisonous Fog Its light awakes all those who died All those who exits in my Domain My Castle proudly stands on the Mountain Which sides always are hidden by the Mist My soul rests there On the blackshining Throne Enjoying the suffer of dead sheepmen Pale rays of spectral Fullmoon Lighten the Frozen Wastes of Shadowlands Dark Forests are covered with Snow and Ice Cold Proud Mountains in the distance... Ancient Castle of my Shadowed soul Sinuous way on the iced hillside The trail of Lonely Spectral Wolf The pits Where souls of mortals burn in Coldflame... My Shadowrealm...
Hungry Cold burns my face Distant Sun blinds my eyes Power from across the Cold Dark Horizon This Black Sun begets my Hate Black Melancholia streams in my veins Dazzle Light darkens my mind Iced Air in my lungs What can I do here? I can only Kill Time for the Evil and Evil is good Glitter of my Weapon War from my Inmostself My soul is nothing, it cannot exist I'm walking on the scorched earth Hateful dark Sky over my Land Waste people are the slaves of mud Sun is setting in the North ...Kill you
Draugwath 02:52
Instrumental [The name "Draugwath" (rather "Draug Gwath") means"Spirit of Wolf" in the J. R. R. Tolkien's imagined language]
Earth is descending into the last eve Night approaches as the Sun fades away Winds cry mournfully in the Forests of North The blind eye of Full Moon Rise upon the Storms The sky turns black on the East And on the West it becomes bloodred This time thou can see the Riders of the Wind Once I was one of them but now I am dead Ages ago I also rode on the Wind Upon the deadly Blackfog On the Storming Clouds I beheld the mortals hided in their homes I laughed and they was thinking it was Thunder I raised the Sword to the gleam of the risen Moon And touched with my Spear The Corpse of Fading Sun My eyes shined coldly, The mortals were thinking those were Stars Now only my memories are left Inside the Stone Coffin Once I was the being Mortals call "God" Now I am a victim in Hell of my Memories I lie entombed under obsidian lid The mile-height mountain is my Tombstone But yet I hear the Evening Call Of those who bring the Night Coffin holds me Mountain covers me My torture is Endless I scream from my Abyss And the world shall die When I'll break my chains...


Recorded in October 1995 in Killall Studio


released July 16, 2020

Abysslooker - guitar, vocals at 5th track
Para Bellum - keyboards
Nightshadow - vocals


all rights reserved


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