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An Obelisk Marks the Line

by Bone Awl

  • Limited Edition Cassette

    CLIP 11
    This tape was unleashed by Hungry AK-47 in 2021

    Professionally duplicated tape: white screwed cassette shell with black imprint on both sides
    Professionally printed, 250 gsm, matte, double-sided, 5-panel b/w J-card
    Shrink wrapped
    Limited to 200 copies

    Sold Out

Blood thirsty mobs Wander around The streets, Chaos underneath Chaos running Underground Gunning White blood vessels Unexposed belief Not even aware Growing wild underneath Never touch the air Chaos running Underground Gunning White blood vessels On the inside Inner foundries Meet magma Without boundaries Chaos running Underground Gunning White blood vessels Bloody clenched Fist of dirt Mineral fire Boil the earth Hell for those beasts Who can stand the heat Hard for stones to let blood Molten ochre left alone Blood thirsty mobs Wander around The streets, Chaos underneath Chaos running Underground Gunning White blood vessels
Blasted Unhindered By physics Racing In all Directions at once Best way To live Oblivious Frenzied Dogs eyes Open up wide The worst way to live Within an awareness Paralyzed in the present Unable to act He doesn't Budge The possum lies Still All of the weight Of existence Within The traps Of time Come on Crushing Light is rushing But time stops Neurons pulled into the past All things flattening And smashed Do your best Pull yourself up Into a moment Where you can move How many dimensions Trap the dream? As flat as a thought It might seem Do you want to see How I treat time Peer inside My whirring mind How does it like that? To be run aground In thought Smashed on the rocks
Someone Watches Over You You Whether you like it Or not Whether you see it Or not Has The same Eyes As you One day You will need help Hanging by a finger Holding on to yourself One day you will fail They will carry you away Whether you like it or not They will lay you down Bring you Back to life Like brothers Who need you alive They need you alive
Be absolutely still While the sun is down Ignore the wind Living in the hills Stones are your brothers Covered in tall grass Life is endless Wait for nothing to pass Predator stare Nerves ignite the air Live on this level Of electrical devils Different faces Of nature begin to emerge wonderful beings Emerge into the clearing How fear is digested When there is no Such thing as time though Things move quickly Wildnerness might seem slow But you just don't know What the animals dream While they're resting Take aim Keep the head high Hold your breath Bow and arrow Hold tight the grip Not even a thought Allowed to slip Bow and arrow Bone and marrow The trophies we hold Above our heads The realm of hunting Step from the shadows Introduce yourself To death
The wand is held up And encircled by the moon The shadows are filling In the silhouette The sequence of movement Is locked in light The animals are conjured The moon gains intensity The astral animal Are formed by connecting The stars even though Light years separate them The sky is opening Tectonic plate Like voices erupt Planets converse Comets cross the sky These things are not lies Symbolic otherwise Holding too much truth From this vantage The wand runs between them Making the connections The lines are traced in the air
Put on the fur skin Alone for days on end The inner thoughts of animals Passing between them Anything is possible Anything is possible If no one is there To stop it from happening Put on the fur skin The spirit passes in Become something else The doors are held open Anything is welcome Anything is welcome If we welcome them And hold the doors open The stones came together, on their own Doorways to a house, that isn't there The master sleeps in his giant chair Once a year, only then, let him in Brand it into skin Our tiny tributes Scratched into stone The moon rises again Filling like a basin The circle finishes itself Placed on the shelf Anything is possible If the time is right Anything is possible On the proper night
Do you know How far you can go? Have you tested So cold / so desperate? Numb I no longer feel Numb No longer a man Do you know What lies out in the snow The faces and dreams All forbidden things Numb My life in their hands Numb Nothing left alive Have you asked the voices Do you still need me alive? Run into the ice today? Hear what the voices say Numb My life in their hands Numb No longer a man Do you know Which way to go? Everything looks the same Every way is white as snow Everything slows Even the heart knows You are lost With everywhere to go Imagine you are running Across the backs of men Frozen into the ice They are holding you up This is your family The ground on which you walk The voices cry out Your frozen lips can't talk Not a tear to be shed Lives frozen to death Awaken in the fire light Reborn into a brand new life Imagine you are running Across the backs of men Frozen into the ice They are holding you up
An image of the idol, torn apart And poorly pieced back together Lopsided eyes crossing Between his face Looking forever inward Power drains from the image As the lower forms swarm in
How deeply part of me Wants to leave And get on with my life In my life How deeply part of me Wants to dive Into the source of my life In my life Drowning in the pool, Without a choice To be made without an opposite In my life
Standing up and Wading in Another ritual begins And another ends None of us are friends Man rises from The water With all his fins out Breathe, need air Grow teeth and hair Nighttime rise Starry eyes again Open it Let the tide in The animals swim Again And again The tide comes in Again and again Again and again Sing out and along Their amphibian songs Even their brothers Step on each other Over and again
Spoiled before You're on the floor Tongue taste His bloody face Teeth Eradicate meat Blasting History Man Was all mouth Couldn't help But breath it out Rancid air Blood born It makes a man Out of you But you're all Animal A crawling Good time to boot Sound The bloodhound Who can smell it Miles out Not looking For anything else Simply waiting For hell It finds you No matter where you run All around you Waiting for you to stop
A little of each god In the fingers Five different gods, Five different shapes Between them A pattern of lines develop On your palm Warring each other With all of them together Within our hands We find new ways To do their work Thumb god Pointer god Index Pink god Middle god
Onto the eyes below Cast your shadow Into the open ears Blowing fear Crawl toward the edge of sleep The stars are falling The voices are beckoning Stand on your feet There is no need to be crawling The eyes are opening Sky voices sing Visions overwhelming Sky voices sing Helped to your feet, Sat down by the priests, Who place the crown Upon your head Stand up and look around There is no need Get off the ground Old suns line the sky Burning on high Something more Intense than night The stars are Uncomfortably bright Forming the oldest Two dimensional language Something truly "universal" Spoken across galaxies White suns line the sky Glow by fire Stand on your feet There is no need to be crawling Stand up and look around There is no need Get off the ground


Second full length album from Bone Awl
Stubborn and hammering USBM


released April 30, 2021

Recorded in Autumn 2018 in San Francisco, CA
Mastered by Kris Lapke

Bone Awl is:


all rights reserved


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