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Apocalyptic Songs

by Black Draugwath

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War! War is now! No need of sun With Dark we set out In Black we're till Death! Slops for pigs Dreams for sheep Action for me Clash! Destroy the piggish power Kill the sheepish scum And the End will come Clash! No mourning for the past No thoughts of the present My force is For the Future's Creation Forward! My God has so many names...
The white snow is one from the Heaven The Black snow is one from the Hell The white snow is frozen water... Life! The Black snow is volcanic ash... Death! Cold snow is falling upon the Earth Hot snow is falling upon the one Black breathless steam is birthed by them It is rising to Heaven with poison of Hate Volcano which is everywhere Destroy all flesh with their Earth Volcano which is Apocalypse Kill their good shepherd again Death from the Black Underground Come here with Darkness and Chaos With streams of the blasting lava With fall of Black snow I see the snow, the Black snow The Time of Last Battle, the Time of Black Snow [The Red Donkey is a symbol of Seth]
I hear the virgin's squeals from below Just men's moan echoes through the Ice Vacuum In Darkness I see the cracking pearl And flows of melted gold around The twelve gates were blown up by Fire By Fire from Hell, by Fire of Death Wings of Satan covered the Abyss Of Cosmic Chaos There is no Second Death for Beast and Hell In Burning Universe The seven angels are condemned To Eternal Death by Court of Dead Three Demonic Spirits and Kings of the Earth Extol the Victory Menstruating tree of life is turned into ash Its leaves will never heal the peoples Ridiculous cubic city is only past now And its name will be forgotten


Recorded rehearsal at Rubin club in September 1996


released July 16, 2020

Abysslooker - guitar, vocals
Para Bellum - bass
Ereth - drums


all rights reserved


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